The Vagabond Family of new aircraft

The Etruria E200TC Vagabond

Etruria E200TC

The Three Lifting Surface Concept

The Etruria E200 Vagabond


Type: The turbocharged version of the Etruria Vagabond is basically the same airframe as the E200 but with a more powerful engine for improved performance at cruise altitude where the maximum benefit of the configuration is achieved.  The high wing loading produces better gust response and more stability in turbulence. The 3LSC allows for flap extension without pitching or trimming moments thus easing pilot workload in the arrival and departure environment.  The description of the Model E200 applies also to the model E200TC, except as follows:

Structure: The structure is common to the E200 with local modifications to comply with the E250TC distinctive features. A combination of flaps and lift spoilers, for a better control of very high rate descents, is located in the center wing section aft of the spar, between booms and the fuselage.

Accommodation: Dual pilot controls are standard and the enclosed cabin provides deluxe interior finishing and cabin amenities with leather seating for 4-5 persons. The spacious baggage compartment, which is accessible both from the cabin and the exterior, is located in front of the wing spar main bulkhead and behind the rear passenger seats.

Systems: An oxygen system is standard. Electrical air climatization (cabin heating and cooling) system is standard.

Powerplant: Propulsion is from the single 210HP Teledyne-Continental TSIO-360-H, flat-six, fuel injected, turbocharged engine, driving a three blade, constant-speed, metal propeller with single lever control. The engine maintains its power up to FL080 ISA, providing incomparable cruise performance. Fire extinguisher in the engine bay is standard. De-icing boots are optional. Total fuel capacity: 265 liters (70 US gal).


862 Kg

1900 lb.

Max Zero Fuel

1352 Kg

3000 lb.


1294 Kg

2850 lb.

Useful Load

499 Kg

1100 lb.

Max Payload

431 Kg

950 lb.

Max Fuel

191 Kg

420 lb.

Max Bags

154 Kg

430 lb.

Fuel w/ max Payload

68 Kg

150 lb.

Payload w/ max Fuel

309 Kg

680 lb.



Occupant w/ max Fuel

4 pass.


At Sea Level, MTOW, standard day
Max Level Speed

370 Km/h

200 Kt

Cruise Speed

314 Km/h

170 Kt

Stall Speed, Flaps Up

154 Km/h

83 Kt

Stall Speed, Full Flaps

113 Km/h

61 Kt

At 8000 ft, MTOW, Standard Day
Max Level Speed

398 Km/h

215 Kt

Cruise Speed (75% power)

370 Km/h

200 Kt

At 12000 ft, MTOW, Standard Day
Max Level Speed

388 Km/h

210 Kt

Cruise Speed

370 Km/h

200 Kt

VFR Range, Seat Full, Cruise Speed

1110 Km

600 Nm

VFR Range, Full Tanks

2220 Km

1200 Nm